Saturday, June 14, 2014

CNdirect Haul Review

Today's haul is on CNDIRECT!!

Cndirect is a china based webstore that sells regular items at a cheaper wholesale price. And when I say cheaper the product itself might be made of cheap materials as well, aka knockoffs! But HEY not everyone is rich and fancy and can always afford the actual name brand itself. We always want to pay for less as possible.

[ if you would like to watch then go ahead or just continue scrolling ]

 “pretty cheap, easy buy

" is a retail and wholesale online department store for customers worldwide. Here you can easily find a large range of hot-selling baby products, consumer electronics, pet supplies, designer clothing and shoes, fashion products, computer parts, home décor and supplies, makeup and health care, sports outdoor equipment, gadgets and more."

This store sells similar items as Dresslink, so same prices. And for some of you guys that shop at Sammydress, they also sell the exact same items as well except Sammydress sells for a higher price!! So if you ever like something you see on Sammydress but it's a bit too pricey check out CNdirect if they have the item as well BUT it will be at a way lower price. 

The tabs are fairly easy and simple. My favorite tab to browse is the free shipping tab!! Everything you buy under there is free shipping and they have amazing items listed. Also when you sign up for an account you get a $50 coupon that you can use over time until it runs out and it'll give you a 18-20% off of your total purchase. Which I forgot to use on this haul ;(

Shipping Time Total: 2 weeks (may vary)

Alloy Anchor Rudder Leather Friendship Love Couple Charm Bracelet
  • $1.71 + free shipping
  • comes in a variety of color choices
  • each bracelet is different with it's own different charms attached
  • easy snap on or you can always have someone's help

Quartz Rhinestone Synthetic Leather Bracelet Women's Wrist Watch
  • $4.75 + free shipping
  • comes in four colors
  • super sparkly in the sunlight
  • synthetic leather straps

New Black Soft Brush Liquid Eyeliner Pen Lasting Eye Liner Pencil Makeup Cosmetic
  • $1.89
  • dupe to dolly wink otona liner
  • fine point tip
  • black and pigmented

Black Makeup Cosmetic Fiber Foundation Stipple Powder Brush
  • $1.90 + free shipping
  • not a really dense brush
  • hair pieces falling out
  • the handle part itself is pretty good material
  • does blend foundation in really well

Makeup Brush Set Eyeshadow Brush Blush with Case
  • $4.92 + free shipping
  • just small eyeshadow/brow kit

New style Sexy Lingerie Bowknot Bikini Swimsuit Swimwear
  • $5.73 + free shipping
  • only one size
  • cute heart laced detailing and bows
  • it is a lingerie type bikini so bottoms do fit almost like a thong but may vary with your body type
  • easy simple string tie and knot top
  • fabric is light/almost sheer and has no padding so be careful when wearing

Women Swimwear Bikini Set Beach Bikinis Push Up Swimsuit
  • $6.19
  • comes in sizes s, m, l
  • nice and thick/padded
  • for cup sizes I think 34/36C is the largest it'll fit (i got the biggest size too)
  • make sure to double knot side strings for the bottom as they are just attached through a loop
  • the back of the top is just an easy hook on

Women Round Neck Stretch Sundress Dress Full Skirt
  • $9.11 + free shipping
  • only one color
  • I got the largest size (asian xlarge = US large) fits perfect
  • stretchy fabric material
  • just a bit sheer
  • reaches mid thigh

I have to say I was not disappointed at all with this purchase because I loved every item! I have yet to use the shadow brush kit but I will soon. I will also be doing a review/tutorial with the eyeliner so stay tuned in for that. Hope you like this review!!

See ya in the next post!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gyaru Eyemake

Hi lovelies!

It's so sad to here that MOST of the popular gyaru mags are shutting down! What has happened to the gyaru community!? All of these toning down looks is destroying the gyaru looks that I loveeee. I mean I do them sometimes but putting on heavy gyaru makeup is what makes me feel the most gal, if ya understand what I mean. But yes, goodbye to Egg, the one that started it all and Ageha and etc. and hopefully one day they will come back to us gals!!!

Just something to remember by and that gyaru will never die, here's a gyaru eyemake that I've been doing since I first started/known about gyaru. It's an inspired/copy of my favorite ex-gal, Egg model Kanako Kawabata!! My bae 4evah!

My easy 2 step eye look:
  • droopy eye shape
  • make the arch on the center top of lid higher
  • either draw in the thicker outer part of the bottom liner or smudging it with a black shadow
  • apply false lashes
And that's about it!

Who was your guy's first gal inspo?? Do tell and why you love them!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

LoveShoppingHolics CL Giveaway Winner...

To everyone wondering who the winner is....


We have contacted her and everything is being shipped as of right and she'll be getting her prize soon.
Thank you for everyone that participated in our giveaway!! Had to remove a few contestant that didn't really meet the requirement we asked them to do which was fairly simple and easy to follow and do. I don't know how you fudged up on that part but oh wells, next time FOLLOW the RULES!

A big thanks to LoveShoppingHolics for sponsoring the giveaway prize!

See you guys in a future giveaway