Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Blog x Popin Cookin Review

It's a new year, a new blog and a new us!
There isn't a whole lot to blog about for now but we promise that this year we will bring to you guys tons of stuff to read about. Since our new blog isn't based off of just gyaru anymore you'll be seeing more normal, casual topics on beauty and fashion but every now and then some gyaru to keep ya'll interested. I know our blog is looking pretty plain and empty but as we go on throughout this new year, things will be added and links to pages for you to click on. New Years isn't until a few more hours here on the west coast but I hope everyone is making an attempt to write at least ONE thing down for their New Year's resolution. And so, hello to all of the old followers and hello to the new ones.
And so onto our very first blog post/review!!

It'sssss Popin' Cookin' Time!! (Bento version)
Popon' Cookin' is a do-it-yourself candy making kit. Using only water and mixing it with the powder packs that comes with the kit, you can create yummy jelly food! Really affordable, about $4-6 depending if you bought online or in a store.
Step 1
It's okay if you can't read the Japanese instructions because it's pretty simple to follow if you just look at the pictures shown, that's what we did.

Step 2
Lay out all of your materials and double check everything is in the box.

What are inside of the packages:
1. Apple-Brocoli (ブロッコリー)
2. Lemon-Egg(たまごやき)
3. Strawberry-Octopus(タコウィンナー)
4. Sour-Black crumbs(ごましお)
5. Bubble Gum-Rice(おにぎり)
6. Orange-Noodles(ナポリタン)
7. ???-Chicken(からあげ)

Step 3
Go ahead and take a pair of scissors and cut off the triangle that you will use later to pour water into the powder mix.

Step 4
Pour the powder mix into their assigned area and scoop a cup of water from the triangle piece that was cut off earlier and pour it into the powder.
Mix well until it has become a jello like form. Then let it sit for 3-4 minutes to make sure it has become fully solid!
Smell! Smell!! The scent is more noticeable now after water has been added to the mix.

Step 5
For the orange noodles, after mixing, pour it into the little square bag that came with the kit. Cut the corner off and squeeze out some noodlessss.

Step 6
Pull out all of the molds!!! 
How to make the panda: 
Roll four balls from the rice packet, two small and two big. Dip one of the bigger ball into the panda face mold that should be filled in with the black crumbs. For the ears, just roll both of the smaller balls in the black crumbs until they're fully covered. And then just place on the head.

How to make the onigiri:
Take the remaining rice ball and shape/form it into a triangle. Then lay down the bigger surface over the rectangular mold, that should be filled with the black crumbs, and create a seaweed mark. Repeat on the other side as well as the bottom.

How to make the chicken:
That's up to you! It can be nuggets or drumsticks or whatever you want it to be.

And we're done!!!
You just made your own kawaii jelly bento!! How does it taste?
Mushy?! Oh, guess we made it wrong hahah! But overall it turned out good, and it tasted very yummy. Maybe just a bit too flavorful with all the different flavors.

Hope you guys enjoyed this first blog post and is expecting more from us in the future. We will also be posting videos up on our YouTube channel so stay tune to that as well. If you guys have any ideas on what we should do feel free to comment down and let us know what you guys might want to see next.

See you in the next post!