Wednesday, January 29, 2014

♔Hyuna Makeup Collaboration♔

What you've all been waiting for!!
(I hope..)

Was thinking about putting this off for another week but hey, here we go! Our first collab with another blogger aka Yumi!! Here's our attempted looks for k-pop idol Hyuna from 4Minute. We each had a pick at one of Hyuna's look from any of her music videos she's been in and we narrowed it down to Bubble Pop, Ice Cream and Volume Up. Go ahead and YouTube her and listen to her songs because they is pretty good!!

Let's Start!

Bubble Pop
Reference picture...

Ice Cream
Reference picture...

Volume Up
Reference picture...

I know I know, we all sucked!! Okay jk we look good!!!! Simple easy looks because it's a korean based makeup look and we all know that they hella simple to do, and there isn't as much steps to take like bronzing and falsies. But the overall look is still really neat and beautiful! And hopefully the layout of the pictures and the little products on the side is a somewhat good guide for if you might wanna try these looks out on your own and what similar products you would have to use.

So how do you guys think we did? Close? Not close enough? We should stop trying??

Anyways, we have another collaboration idea and will probably do it some time next month with Yumi again!! Hopefully you guys do want to see another collaboration or if you want to join on the next collaboration let us know by leaving a comment or sending us an email at And maybe we can even come up with new ideas together

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See ya in the next post!

Friday, January 24, 2014

♚Blonde and Beyond♚

Finally, every girl's dream come true!! Getting that perfect hair color!
You guys have no idea how long we've been wanting to do this. I mean it only took like forever but hey, all for the experience. We both finally went blonde!! I know I know, typical asian girls trying to get blonde hair blah blah blah whatevers, we can do whatever we want to! Plus, after a long year of no bleaching and just letting our hair grow out and getting healthier we just kinda caved in to the blondes. We should've never watched them blonde gyarus on youtube and them blonde bloggers!! Curse youuu

Well here is how it kinda went and what we used to get our blonde!

  • Ion Color Brilliance Powder and 30 Developer creme
  • Ion Color Brilliance creme permanent hair color in Lightest Ash Blonde
  • Wella Charm hair toner T18
  • Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink
And our hair before the bleaching..
Ombre and just plain black(which is more difficult)
Time to mix mix the bleach!
After the first round of bleaching...
Second round of bleaching because I really need it!
Since we kinda forgot to take more pictures of what we did next.....Jennifer decided to bleach all of her hair!! So now we are both full on blondies

For Jennifer's: Mix the lightest ash blonde permanent color with the developer to get that ash-ish blonde tone. And then add the wella T18 toner to achieve that full ash blonde!!
For Vicky's: Mix toner all over the hair to get rid of any brassiness! And then apply the manic panic pink to tips of the hair.

Final results!(with extensions.....)

And now, pic spam!!!!
That gyaru pose everyone be doing these days
And yes, sweat pants for the win!

PHEW! And that's about it for our new new blonde hair! What a tough journey though. Oh the new hair damage.... well there wasn't really any which was a surprise. If you guys want to know how we kept our hair from damaging or what we used to keep it soft and healthy feeling let us know by leaving a comment below and we'll do a post about it.

Hope this little guide will help guide you to your goal of achieving beautiful ashy blonde hair or just blonde in general!!

See ya in the next post!