Thursday, March 20, 2014

Circle Lens Giveaway [LoveShoppingHolics]

Guess what time it is!!!


Yes! This is our very first giveaway and it is kindly sponsored by LoveShoppingHolics!! ONE lucky winner will receive ONE pair of circle lens of their choice and it can be prescription or not. No price limit so if you've been eyeing that one pair of expensive circle lens but can't afford it, now is your chance!

This giveaway is worldwide so anyone can enter EXCEPT Israel because shipping there is not provided D:

Rules are simple just do whatever it tells you down in the rafflecoptor below!
*take any of the banners above to place on your blog

Giveaway will end ONE month from now


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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

✰Sakurina Makeup Collaboration✰


Today we bring you an awesome collaboration with two of our blogger buddies here on blogspot! You may or might not know them but they are Misa from Misaraisu & Rina from Haneulspolaris! So if you haven't yet go check out both of their lovely blogs full of beauty and fashion related things.

For this collab we invited both of our blogger friends to do an inspired look/take on the oh so popular and famous Ageha model, Sakurina!!! She is wayyyy sexy and always rocking those long rhinestoned nails in her pictures. She has also been in a movie called Girl's Life as the main character and apparently she sings too? I don't know.

Onto the tutorial!

Tadaaa! And that's it for this collab! Hope this inspired you to try some of our looks out or any Sakurina looks. This has been super fun hosting a collab and maybe more in the future. If you guys have any questions about what was used in the tutorial just leave a comment below. AND don't forget to check out both Misa and Rina's blog for more details on what they used which should be up soon! Super thanks to them both for joining this with us.

SUPER EXCITING news on our next post!! So stay tuned for what it might be.

See ya in the next post!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

◎GEO Big Grang Grang Brown WHC-244 Review◎

Hello lovelies!

A while back I was sponsored these circle lenses by GeoColoredLenses to do a review about them and I don't know why I've been putting these off for so long!! I've been wearing these for quite some time now and you can probably see me wearing them in some pictures from our older posts. I almost forgot about them too until I got an email asking me if I had finished my review on them's almost like a teacher asking if you have turned in your late homework. But here goes!

Diameter: 15 mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Water Content: %40-42
1 Year Disposable

The best part about GeoColoredLenses is that they offer FREE SHIPPING worldwide! So no matter where you live you can always get your hands on some circle lenses.

I love the spiky, natural design and the ring isn't so dark it looks noticable. And I especially love the litttle extra detail they did by putting that "B"

I always love having big dolly eyes when I do my makeup

Comfy and does not dry my eyes

Matches really well with natural brown eyes

Maybe I should've had this at the top but I also made a video review of these lenses as well and it is up on our youtube channel! But you can watch it here.

I just wanna say thank you GeoColoredLenses for sponsoring these and everyone should go check out their web store!!

See ya in the next post!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

♦K-Pop & Popin Cookin♦

Hey everyone!

Today we bring you TWO videos! And yes we are kinda slacking on posting only because we're recording videos and editing takes time, and we took so many pictures we're not really sure which to even post up next and we're trying to come up with ideas to help improve our blog also. As you can see we have changed our blog layout a little bit and the header too. Everything just looks a lot more simpler and just seems to fit a bit better with the things we post. Ya dig the new look??

If you're not subscribed to our youtube channel you probably haven't seen this video yet, and it is our very first music video reaction to 2NE1's "Happy". If you don't know who they are, 2NE1 is a kpop girl group from Seoul, Korea under the YG company. They're really popular not just in korea but internationally too. For their comeback they came out with two music videos, "Come back home" and "Happy". We were only expecting to get one mv from them but since there were two we chose to do a reaction to "Happy".

If you haven't listened to their new album yet go do it now because all of the songs were AMAZING!

For this Popin' Cookin' review/tutorial instead of showing you guys in pictures we decided to do a video just to show you how to kinda do it step by step. Even though ours was kinda messy it still turned out  おいしいです

Now if you guys are interested in any of our looks from the two videos above just comment below for a tutorial on which one you would want to see us do in a future post. Hope you guys enjoyed and "liked" our videos. If you want to see more you can always go over to our youtube channel through the videos and subscribe or just click the subscribe button over on the side panel.

See ya in the next post!