Wednesday, March 12, 2014

◎GEO Big Grang Grang Brown WHC-244 Review◎

Hello lovelies!

A while back I was sponsored these circle lenses by GeoColoredLenses to do a review about them and I don't know why I've been putting these off for so long!! I've been wearing these for quite some time now and you can probably see me wearing them in some pictures from our older posts. I almost forgot about them too until I got an email asking me if I had finished my review on them's almost like a teacher asking if you have turned in your late homework. But here goes!

Diameter: 15 mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Water Content: %40-42
1 Year Disposable

The best part about GeoColoredLenses is that they offer FREE SHIPPING worldwide! So no matter where you live you can always get your hands on some circle lenses.

I love the spiky, natural design and the ring isn't so dark it looks noticable. And I especially love the litttle extra detail they did by putting that "B"

I always love having big dolly eyes when I do my makeup

Comfy and does not dry my eyes

Matches really well with natural brown eyes

Maybe I should've had this at the top but I also made a video review of these lenses as well and it is up on our youtube channel! But you can watch it here.

I just wanna say thank you GeoColoredLenses for sponsoring these and everyone should go check out their web store!!

See ya in the next post!


  1. They look lovely,and so does your hair color!

  2. Very lovely and natural!!!

    恵美より ♥