Saturday, March 8, 2014

♦K-Pop & Popin Cookin♦

Hey everyone!

Today we bring you TWO videos! And yes we are kinda slacking on posting only because we're recording videos and editing takes time, and we took so many pictures we're not really sure which to even post up next and we're trying to come up with ideas to help improve our blog also. As you can see we have changed our blog layout a little bit and the header too. Everything just looks a lot more simpler and just seems to fit a bit better with the things we post. Ya dig the new look??

If you're not subscribed to our youtube channel you probably haven't seen this video yet, and it is our very first music video reaction to 2NE1's "Happy". If you don't know who they are, 2NE1 is a kpop girl group from Seoul, Korea under the YG company. They're really popular not just in korea but internationally too. For their comeback they came out with two music videos, "Come back home" and "Happy". We were only expecting to get one mv from them but since there were two we chose to do a reaction to "Happy".

If you haven't listened to their new album yet go do it now because all of the songs were AMAZING!

For this Popin' Cookin' review/tutorial instead of showing you guys in pictures we decided to do a video just to show you how to kinda do it step by step. Even though ours was kinda messy it still turned out  おいしいです

Now if you guys are interested in any of our looks from the two videos above just comment below for a tutorial on which one you would want to see us do in a future post. Hope you guys enjoyed and "liked" our videos. If you want to see more you can always go over to our youtube channel through the videos and subscribe or just click the subscribe button over on the side panel.

See ya in the next post!