Tuesday, March 18, 2014

✰Sakurina Makeup Collaboration✰


Today we bring you an awesome collaboration with two of our blogger buddies here on blogspot! You may or might not know them but they are Misa from Misaraisu & Rina from Haneulspolaris! So if you haven't yet go check out both of their lovely blogs full of beauty and fashion related things.

For this collab we invited both of our blogger friends to do an inspired look/take on the oh so popular and famous Ageha model, Sakurina!!! She is wayyyy sexy and always rocking those long rhinestoned nails in her pictures. She has also been in a movie called Girl's Life as the main character and apparently she sings too? I don't know.

Onto the tutorial!

Tadaaa! And that's it for this collab! Hope this inspired you to try some of our looks out or any Sakurina looks. This has been super fun hosting a collab and maybe more in the future. If you guys have any questions about what was used in the tutorial just leave a comment below. AND don't forget to check out both Misa and Rina's blog for more details on what they used which should be up soon! Super thanks to them both for joining this with us.

SUPER EXCITING news on our next post!! So stay tuned for what it might be.

See ya in the next post!

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