Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mailan Eyelid Fiber Tape Review

Alright so here's to a SUPER late review haha....

Just a heads up there is less than 24 hours left until our giveaway is over and ONE lucky winner gets picked!! So go look and check if you did all of the mandatory things to be entered because I will be looking at all the entries and checking if you did them. Winner will be announced in the next post.

This product was sent by kkcenterhk and if you used to read our old blog I did a few review of their falsies. The item I wanted to try out were the fiber tapes because they were pretty interesting. I always wanted to try the AB fiber tape brand since those were the ones I saw most gyarus used in magazines but could never find them at the store! So when I saw these on the site I wanted to test it out.

Price: $5.78
Front and back

Comes with 18 pair of fiber + an applicator

By stretching the band apart you reveal the "tape"

How to:
First off, always find where to crease it.
Apply tape on the new crease and then carefully cut off the extra.
For this I applied on a bare naked lid, no makeup.

Here I have applied a creme shadow over my lid.
You can see the tape has lifted off from both sides.

I cut off the piece that was hanging off the sides and used the applicator stick to try and fix the crease.
And I applied another shadow color on.

After a few eye blinking the tape couldn't hold the crease anymore and kinda just started hanging off.

Okay yes I was kind of sad that it couldn't make it through a short simple eye makeup, even though I wasn't even done!! So the next day I thought I'd try this again but instead have it on top of the makeup when it was done.
It definitely looks a lot better and held better too when applied this way.

Stays on pretty good when applied the correct way. Definitely lasted through a rainy/cloudy and stuffy, b-boy sweating room.
It's thin and light so barely visible which we all want.
Tape is long enough/stretchable enough for all eye shapes and lengths.

Super frustrating to apply and stick onto to skin because once you start cutting off the excess tape everything falls off.
Go through at least 2-3 pieces before getting the perfect one to stay.
You only get 18 pieces of tape which goes by quick especially if you're messing up or a first timer.
Even though it's thin and barely visible some of my friends did notice something on my eyelid.


I think for now I'll just stick to using my liquid double lid maker until I can get my hand on some AB Mezical brand. I think everyone should just go to ebay and buy something similar but cheaper and has way more pieces to use because 18 pcs for $6 is kind of a rip off!! But everyone should still go and check out kkcenterhk because they do sell some pretty good stuff for like nail, hair, makeup and a bunch of other items.

See ya in the next post